Wednesday, 6 September 2017

My Speech

WALT: Write a speechSpeech - Free images on Pixabay
  • Do NOT start with “Hi I’m Jo and I’m going to talk to you about ...”
  • State your key focus/point of view
  • Have a great hook!  Get your audience’s attention!
    • Interesting fact - Did you know..?
    • 3 powerful adjectives
    • Statement - turn our into question into a statement sentence.
    • Rhetorical question
Several Paragraphs
  • One big idea per paragraph with evidence/information to support that big idea
  • Use interesting connectives - see our modelling book for ideas
Concluding Statement
  • Re-state key focus/point of view and leave your audience with something to think about

Cyber bullying

Do you know what it feels like to be cyber bullied? Do your friends get cyber bullied?  Did you know 43% of kids have been bullied online and 70% of adults or students  have reported seeing people being bullied online. That's not right i’m going to be talking about cyber bullying.

Have you ever been texted mean things and don't understand why you were sent it?  When it comes to cyber bullying, the bully is often motivated by anger or they are frustrated or jealous of you.

A Fact you might not know. 90% of teens think cyber bullying is mean because it's hurts people's feelings.  Many teenagers old commit suicide over Cyber bullying. Another fact is  20% of people haven’t told a parent or teacher that they have been or is being cyber bullied.

What you do if u receive a mean text.  Have you been bullied and have no idea what to do? Here is my advice. If you receive a mean text don’t
reply. If you did nothing wrong then it just means the person wants to bully you or just angry at you for some weird reason.  

So what should you do? Know that is not your fault and ignore them and block them. You should delete their message and or if it happens a  lot save it as save evidence. Tell a parent, someone you trust or teacher and don’t let them get to you. If your friend is being bullied,  give them this good advice about cyber bullying to cheer them up and tell them to use an I CAN attitude.

Concluding Statement

Will Cyber bullying ever stop? If it keeps going on who will stop it? Who will end it? You can stop cyber bullying! You can stop it by being kind, sensible and nice to others. Think before you write anything on the internet.


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